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The Premier Montessori School for your Children

Enrolling students in the Clear Lake & Seabrook, TX Communities

For over 20 years, Alpha Montessori School has provided exceptional childcare services to families throughout Seabrook, Clear Lake, and the surrounding communities.

We provide a nurturing and fun environment where your child has the opportunity to grow and develop as an exceptional thinker and learner. Under the leadership of Montessori-trained and degreed teachers, most of our students operate at a grade level higher than the standard for their age group.

Other daycare centers tend to group all children into one category, but at Alpha Montessori School, we treat your child just like the unique individual he or she is.

At Alpha Montessori School, our mission is to empower families and children through learning. Our students are great successes and we are eager to welcome you and your little loved one into our ever-growing family.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Alpha Montessori School is here to help your child on the road to an exciting and flourishing future. 


To discover how your child can benefit from the Alpha Montessori experience, contact us today at (281) 474-2222. 

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